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Why I Am Vying In Embakasi Ward – MAJI MAJI

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My decision to vie for a leadership position; MCA Embakasi Ward came from the people. I  was a bit hesitant to get into the murky waters of politics, but the people’s persistence pushed me.
When I walked around I was moved and motivated by the need to offer solutions to the problems. The problems required immediate and long term solutions in Embakasi Ward.

Some of the critical problems I noted include;

Roads> The roads in Embakasi Ward especially Tassia are in deplorable condition… My petition to the county via the ward admin only saw a little done.

Maji Maji having a chat with the youth during his campaigns

But like i have said, this is a problem that needs an immediate and long term solution.

Sanitation > Drainage & sewer system is Pathetic! mbaya tu sana… My consultations with the ward admin’s office show that proper work needs to be done.
Garbage collection is not proper… I have had discussions with county on how we can better it. Soon meetings with watu wa tako will be in place.

Poor sanitation
Education & Health > There is only one public primary school. Children in Tassia have to cross on foot to Donholmn Primary to learn. Most cannot afford the Private schools some of which do not very good learning system.
The Health center that was to be put up have not been put up or attempted so far. Women have had to go all the way to Mama Lucy Hospital, Makadara or in the private hospitals around.  This has made it difficult for pregnant women to access health care.
A woman who was assisted by Maji Maji to deliver their babies
Bursary availability and distribution is questionable and alleged corruption & tribalism in it’s disbursement
The Youth have no development agenda. No talent & education programs for them
There is no clear Job creation agenda for them either

Social amenities are not present and the only one left (behind social hall for sports is allegedly grabbed/ sold).

 Crime is on the rise and a section can be linked to strategic lawlessness allegedly led by the current leadership

My conclusion was; there was no leadership but gradual cannibalization, social degradation of Embakasi ward.

I then convinced myself that there was need for leadership. I now render myself as an option for Embakasi ward as an Independent candidate in this 2017 general election

I have so far set up functional Arts & Talents program, Technical education Program solved sewage issues, some drainage issues, attended to women groups, contributed to getting girls to school, attended & empowered youth groups and I hope to do more

With God by my side, I hope to win and Change Embakasi Ward for the best!

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