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Why I don’t hang out with Kenyans, Huddah Monroe


Socialite and business woman Huddah Monroe has revealed why she does not like mingling with Kenyans in Dubai.

Huddah who has been living in Dubai for almost two years now, says that mingling with Kenyans in Dubai would mean opening an avenue of rumours and disrespect.

“People ask me why I don’t meet people from my country and hang out etc. But I didn’t come to Dubai to mingle. And also too much familiarity creates fake rumors and disrespect,” wrote Huddah.

She also added that the few people that have interacted with her know her as a different person compared to those who have not met her.

“The few that have met me know I’m a legit, loving and caring person. And very down to earth. I know y’all out here. I see y’all hustle and I respect that. Love from a distance,” she said.

Huddah has been living in Dubai for over one year and rumors going round is that she is under house arrest because of a scandal her ex-boyfriend is involved in.

She however declined the allegations and said that she misses Kenya and will come back whenever she wants.