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Why I have Supported Raila for 17 Years – Baba Chungwa


In 2017 Mzee Nicholus Owino Owiro alias Baba Chungwa was hit by a vehicle at an ODM function leaving him in crutches.

His hospital bills were cleared by ODM boss Raila Odinga.

Baba Chungwa is one of the Raila supporters gracing Odingas’ big day at Kasarani Stadium. Owino told Ghetto Radio News that he has been supporting Raila for the last 17 years.

“First it is a great day for me and Raila Amollo Odinga… I have been supporting him since 2004 and I am today in crutches because of Him and ODM Party….I am even ready to die for him….Raila has done great things to this nation and people like me will do anything just to ensure Baba becomes the fifth president of this nation,” Baba Chungwa told Ghetto  Radio News.

“With Baba Kenya is safe anyone who knows where we have come from as a country will vote Raila directly without single question.”

Asked of his relationship- tag with the ODM leader he replied, “Yes we do speak with Baba I have visited his office several times …He supports me when am in need especially after the accident….as you can see my left limb is crippled and this means I can’t do everything by myself I have to cope with this kind of life and truly Baba has been supportive,” he added.


He also asked Raila to change “Azimio la Umoja” slogan into a coalition.

“The Azimio la Umoja title is well thought and we want to ask baba to have a coalition named after this slogan….it has worked for all Baba tours in the country and am sure it will hit,” he said.

Baba Chungwa further urged ODM supporters to embrace likeminded party members as Raila tread on with his state house bid.

“My plea to all Raila’s supporters is that let’s join hands with our brothers and sisters from other parties and help baba achieve his presidential dream…He has fought for this nation.”