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Why IEBC Will Not Include Some Aspirants Names On Ballot Papers

The Independent  Electoral and Boundaries  Commission Chairperson  Wafula Chebukati  has expressed  fear that the commission will not be able to include the names of the aspirants whose  petitions would  not have been determined  by 20th July in the ballot  papers.

The poll agency  boss while  in an interview  with  Ghetto  Radio reporter said  the commission  is bound  to adhere  to  the strict constitutional  timelines to ensure  that electoral  processes are conducted  within the parameters  of the constitution.

The International  fuel  shortage  being  one of the factors   affecting  the current  rush to have the ballot  papers printed  before the eventuality that would  create  inconvenience  in the much waited  elections.

“The reason  why someone  aspirants  will not have their  names printed  is because of the sluggish  judicial  process, the petitions are taking, our rush  is attributed to the international  fuel shortage  that has affected  the freight  and logistics  process, so we are in rush to have the ballot  papers  delivered,” Chebukati  stated.

The Commission  has therefore  called  upon  the judiciary  as major  players  in the electoral  process  to fast  track  the petitions that may affect  the ballot  papers  printing and ensure  minimum  inconvenience  in the process  of election.

“The judiciary should fast track the petition that may affect the printing   process, so that no legitimate aspirant is left out and the commission also gets enough time for preparation,” Chebukati added.

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On matters of political  parties  compliance  to the 2/3 gender gender rule, regional and people living with disabilities  representation, Mr Chebukati  has stated that the commission  will authenticate the political parties  that have since complied  with requirements for gazzettment and  give another  seven days window  period  to those  that would  have not the met the requirements.

“From tomorrow, we  will be reviewing the status of party  list compliance, to gazette the parties that have complied, we will  also give a seven day extention, but after the seven  days have elapsed  the  commission  will have to make a decision,” Said Chebukati.

The IEBC chairperson  was responding  to the gazzetment  of the cleared  candidates  at national, county  and constituency level  that saw the  former Nairobi County Governor Mike Sonko’s name missing  despite of the pending judicial appeal at the supreme Court.

By Rodgers Oduor