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  • Why Jaguar fell out with Colonel Mustafa.
  • The pair clashed when Colonel Mustafa affirmed that the music industry doesn’t pay.
  • According to Jaguar, artists are their own enemies for failing to invest while at the peak of their careers.

Veteran singer, politician and entrepreneur Jaguar has revealed that he fell out with Colonel Mustafa following the latter’s view that the music industry doesn’t pay.

According to the Kigeugeu hit maker, artistes are their own enemies for failing to invest while at the peak of their careers.

Jaguar noted that artistes earn handsomely compared to most professions with a 8 to 5 set-ups.

The former Starehe member of parliament added that an artist earns a fat cheqJue in a single show compared to the monthly earnings of other highly recognized jobs.

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He further added that during his tenure as a politician he made little as compared to when he was at the pinnacle of his career as a musician.

Jaguar further faulted artists for thinking that they’ll remain at the top of the game not knowing that other artists are also coming up.

“Shida tuko nayo ni wasanii mtu anaokota pesa anadhania ata kesho bado ataendelea kuokota sasa unapata mwisho kabisa amefika mwisho hana hizo show na hana mahali pa kuperform kwa hivyo mi nawaambia music namii nasemanga mpaka leo and that’s why nilikosana na Mustafa akisema music haina pesa, mimi ile pesa nilitengeneza nikiwa mbunge siwezi nikalinganisha na ile pesa nilitengeneza nikiwa msanii” he asserted partly.

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Invest Wisely

Jaguar appealed to artists to be frugal in their spending and also invest wisely.

“Kwa hivyo mi nawaambia ile pesa wanapata una invest, una invest kwa music na brand yako na bado unaweka pesa mahali pengine” he continued.

He noted a scenario where an artist normally turns up with a large entourage during a show thereby spending nearly all his pay on booze.

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Jaguar’s view on an artists disappearing into oblivion after a short while was because of poor planning and focus.

However, he commended artists like Masauti, Bien, Nyashinski, Otile Brown, Khaligraph, Nadia Mukami, Bahati, Ssaru, Fathermoh and Arrow Bwoy for putting in a great display.

Jaguar is among the notable figures who came through for Colonel Mustafa when he hit rock bottom.






December 29, 2023

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