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Why Jamaicans Want Popcaan Locked Up

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Jamaican Dancehall Star Andre Sutherland popularly known as Popcaan is a troubled man.

This is after Jamaicans ganged up against him and sought for his arrest and eventual sentencing.

The ‘Unruly King’ had recently threatened to pull his ‘Unruly Fest Concert’ from St Thomas citing police harassment.

The ‘Everything Nice’ Singer and his gang had been pulled over by police who charged him for traffic offenses.

The charges included, riding an unlicensed motorcycle, riding without insurance coverage, lacking certificate of fitness, having no registration plate affixed, riding without a helmet, riding with no side-view mirror and failure to produce a rider’s license.

A member of his crew was also charged with possession of an offensive weapon.

At a time Jamaica is grappled with rising insecurity and violence, Jamaicans felt that the Vybz Kartel protege was setting a bad precedence to the youth for feeling ‘Untouchable’ and blaming the police for his woes.

“Kartel was his role model and Tommy Lee (Uncle Demon) was among his ‘chargee’.These kinds don’t understand that they have a duty to influence the next generation into being good law-abiding, respectful and model citizens,” wrote Mark Chue.

 ” He probably thinks that because he is semi-famous that he should be treated with the respect that he does not show. I am happy that the police advised why they nabbed him, and he should be jailed for these infractions if guilty. What a disrespectful entitled man. These are the people who young people gravitate and aspire to become,” wrote Really.

In recent days the Jamaican Premier Andrew Holness took to parliament and laid blame on dancehall music for the spiraling crime wave on the Island.

In the meantime Popcaan awaits his day at the Traffic Court on June 3,2021. 


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