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  • Nominated senator Karen Nyamu wants Aluta to be banned in Nairobi clubs.
  • According to the youthful senator, the overnight program that always runs from Saturday Night into Sunday is allegedly spoiling many youths.
  • Mixed reactions have been shared over Nyamu’s move to have Aluta banned

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has threatened to lobby for the ban of ‘Aluta Sundays’ in all Nairobi Clubs. According to the senator, the overnight program that always runs from Saturday Night into Sunday is allegedly spoiling many youths.

The Senator told Club owners to consider her statement as a public notice as she moves to stop the 24-hour party life in Nairobi.

“Kuna kitu inaharibu vijana hapa Nairobi inaitwa Aluta. Hio fom mi ndio nitaichoma. Club owners this is your notice” Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu noted.

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Nyamu’s statements have evoked mixed reactions among party goers and business people – many arguing that she is about to ruin business opportunities and moments of enjoyment.

Speaking to Maji Maji, Deejay Katta and King Kafu on Ghetto Radio’s breakfast show Brekko, the nominated senator noted that it is not her wish to be a whistle blower and spoil the fun, and that her concern about the future of the young generation is what is pushing her to lobby for the ban of Aluta Sundays.

“Me sijawahi kuwa mrazi.Shida yangu ni hio age bracket inapiga aluta. Na advocate club zifungwe 6am. Kesho Wednesday ama Thursday ntafikisha hio statement mbele kwa house ya senate.”  ~Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu


Aluta Sundays – a Sunday service that kicks off at 6 am has become a popular spot for revelers around Nairobi Clubs.The idea first originated from Loft Lounge owners before it was quickly absorbed by other Nairobi clubs.

The program takes care of reggae lovers who don’t want to go home on Sunday morning after a proper Saturday night out.

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Aluta Sundays was inspired by the Jamaican culture, which sees revelers going to clubs as early as 6 am for endless hours of reggae music.

Reactions over Karen Nyamu’s statement

Dj Double Trouble Sisi Kama ma kasisi wa Aluta hio ujinga  tumekata,yeye anajua watu wamepotea aje. After a long week of hustling una ingia sherehe ngware Sunday 5am unatoa stress yako

Mlinken Aluta Kibrit lazima ishike we shughulika na mambo ya Samido mamii

Muteti Mutegi Aluta nayo inamess vijana mdogo mdogo bila pupa. By the time you realize what hit you hata haujielewi.

Im Mbijiwe Unabehave kaa highschool prefects bana. Chill. This’ the real world Karen.

Edd Edd 254 Sasa mtu wa aluta anataka kutoa aluta, sounds backward to me

Wamboshayne Our leaders hukuwa na misplaced priorities sana… Sherehe mtu anapiga na pesa yake shinda Iko wapi? Ata akitaka kuipiga a whole week si ni shida yake, jamani! There’re more pressing issues around Nairobi.




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