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Why Kisumu residents now prefer bicycle rides to motorbikes

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Majority of Kisumu residents are now turning to bicycles as a means of transport as over the much hyped motorbikes.

Gobon Ngeso a bicycle rider in Kisumu says that the shift has come following the safety that comes with bicycles as opposed to motorbikes.

Ngeso says that bicycles are cheaper than motorbikes and do not expose clients to cold.

“Nowadays Kisumu residents prefer using bicycles over motobike one for safety, they don’t expose them to cold and because our prices are also cheap,” said Ngeso.

Also known as boda boda, the bicycles were previously the means of transport in Kisumu and other parts of the country before they were replaced by motorbikes.

According to Ngeso, distances where motorbike riders take Ksh.50 they only take Ksh.30.

Despite the low regard most bicycle rider get, Ngeso says that they are making a lot of money from the business.

“In a day I usually make Ksh. 400 and this is what I’m using to feed my family too,” he says.


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