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By Mathew Ottamax
This hooha about Macdonald Mariga’s sudden  venture into politics has given me some deep perspective of what society we live in as football lovers and players.
Don made a decent name and decent shillings in his bank account from a very humble background and his contributions to the country as far as sports is concerned is overwhelming, Kenya as a tourists destination, Mariga’s many firsts has definitely put us in the radars of foreign investors and visitors.
His solemnity has been severely scorned at and this I believe is due to his Political Party choice and not Decision to vie for the vacant Kibra Constituency Seat.

And, this, is where my view point is based. Not everyone who comes to watch you play for Kenya is your fan, majority do come to see your downfall so that they can sell the language they know best…HATRED

FOR so many years we have cried and we are still crying how our football has been neglected and left for dogs by the government and it is by the virtue of not having a strong representative in parliament who has actually played the game at the top most level and who knows the agonizing pain footballers and football lovers go through, and those who have been passively in the game as officials who found their way to the parliament actually used football as platform for their selfish gains considering they were not even footballers in the first place but had the financial muscle to manipulate delegates to aid their rise to football leadership(no names, they’re known) other than one person Peter Kenneth who set a good example with a splendid job at the helm of the Federation but because he actually played the game and knew what it takes to be a player in Kenya.

So Mariga’s candidature is going to be a fresh breather to our soccer, he is the right person to change how our legislative systems view football as nothing but a pass time. It is high time our football had an inside job.

Some leadership positions don not need PhDs and other Majors but a mere Technical Know- How.

How many of our Members of Parliament have degrees or even Technical Know – How, other than big loud gobs that scream nothing sensible beyond our community is being attacked? Let’s think with our heads for once and leave the heart to pump blood to the brain.

Mariga may have seen an opportunity to represent us in the house of Wangwana not only as Kibra Constituents but also as derived football lovers in the whole republic, this is going to be a rare opportunity for us as I do not see any other footballer doing the same if we go by the insults Don has endured on social media, most of which is coming from purported soccer enthusiasts!
I am neither here nor there when it comes to political parties, but am a strong believer of service delivery, and this is what I see, it is a blessing in disguise, however differently we look at it, Kibra by-elections with its funny characters(as some may see them) on the ballot boxes, it is a God presented one, think wise not twice before you cast your vote.

Remember Kibra is the home of that locally undervalued player Jesse Were, the home of talented but big stage soccer deprived Ayub Timbe, the home of the future World Player of the Year young Musa Masika and many many others who would like to have a representation that will shape the future of this country when it comes investing in the right structures and infrastructure which has been devoid due to lack of the right personnel.

Am not a voter in Kibra and so is the case with the many people who have made Facebook pages as their voters cards, and who can only make disruptive noise and it ends there, as far as voting is concerned.
There are two sentences which I have used in this content and which I would love to remind the residents of Kibra within the voting age… Let us think with our heads and for once let us leave the heart to pump oxygen and blood to the brain… Think Wise not Twice!
Twice can change your mind for Worse!