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Why Martha Karua Blocked Mike Sonko on Twitter (Pic)

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karuaThe ongoing drama on Twitter between Senator Mike Sonko and former Presidential aspirant Martha Karua is arguably one of its kind in 2016.

Though the two have been locking horns for years now,Martha Karua’s move to block the philanthropic Nairobi Senator has left many in awe and wondering what Senator had told Martha Karua deserve such humiliation.

Apparently,the move was ignited by one Mr. Nyoike,who said Martha Karua’s Narc Kenya party was responsible for  Sonko’s and William Kabogo success to see the parliament’s door.

Later on,the iron lady retweeted adding that she “disciplined them(Sonko and Kabogo)when it became necessary.”

It is alleged that Sonko’s retaliation to this was so harsh that Karua couldn’t stomach consequently leading to the ultimate blocking.

“So unfortunate that Ms. Karua has blocked me on Twitter. As a leader that I respect, you need to be tolerant madam,” tweeted Sonko.

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