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Why Mohammed Ali is Blaming Uhuru’s Children Over “Rio” Fiasco NOCK embarrassment. (Pics)


uhunye1Despite surviving a failed assassination attempt, Mohammed Ali will never shut up and keep facts to himself- something that has earned him the title “Fearless Investigative Journalist”.

So whilst Kenyans are waiting for an explanation regarding fund mismanagement at the just ended Rio Olympics where NOCK  officials allegedly flew their families and loved ones to Rio, Brazil at the expense of Kenyan athletes who were left for the birds and dogs, succumbing to sleeping at cheap outlets and getting cheap flights booked for them, Moha has a different argumentative angle.

The Jicho Pevo journalist begs to differ from the majority citing that the blame shouldn’t fall on NOCK only but on Uhuru and the government as well.

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In a recent Facebook post, Moha states that NOCK officials were just emulating what State House does mimicking the “Fuata Nyayo” philosophy as well.

Moha was precisely ‘referring to a case where Ngina, Muhoho and Jomo Kenyatta accompanied their mother to a conference abroad when their presence there was not necessarily needed,’ as Ghafla put it.

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