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Why most ladies want big posteriors and tiny waistlines

Why most ladies want big posteriors and tiny waistlines

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In recent times we’ve witnessed a changing trend in women all over the world wanting to fit into a certain class.

The craze for a voluptuous behind, a tine waist line and of course a lighter, glowing skin has made many women spend tonnes of money on surgeries, gym, make up and even pills that enhance the body.

So what exactly is driving these ladies to these extremes? Well the society keeps changing and what is considered beautiful today may not be considered beautiful tomorrow.

Nairobi men for one do not hide their taste for a woman with a big behind, but does this pompous posterior lead to love for the women or is it just false advertising to make for other areas of low accreditation?

The main reason why most women run to modify their bodies is just because of men’s preferred tastes that keeps changing like a chameleon changes its colour.

It is the men’s reaction that has even led some dumb ones to believe if they get light enough and curvaceous then they will automatically make it in life.

So who exactly sets the standard of beauty?

This is a topic that cannot be fully understood but it is very clear that it is a case of women trying to live up to men’s preferences and women trying to compete amongst themselves.

The lies that socialites have brainwashed young girls with is also just too much. Young girls want to pose nude on social media hoping that it will gain them fame and a free pass in life. Ladies need to learn how to be comfortable in their own skin and body. When that will ever happen God knows for sure.




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