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Why Nairobi Governor Sonko is Unique & Smarter than yours


By Maji Maji

If at all anyone thinks Sonko can be barred from office like Governor  Ferdinand Waititu then not so fast. Sonko is unique and smarter than Waititu simply because of lacking a deputy governor.

In the same manner, charged with corruption cases Waititu has circumstantially been forced to operate out of office and not on behalf of Kiambu County. His hint to have a separate parallel office out of the county was met with a warning by the DPP advising him to dare not.

The county assembly of Nairobi through the majority leader Hon. Charles Thuo has already made an application to the judge to bear in mind the uniqueness of Nairobi in their ruling.

They argue that in the absence of the deputy governor, the governor should be allowed even as the case goes on to run the affairs of the city. The people need services and with Sonko behind bars, residents will be affected. They hope for a favorable bail condition to operate out of office on critical matters. Although they admit there could be a way out via the constitution to allow the speaker Madam Elachi run the affairs of the city, they argue that it is only possible during a vacancy which is not the current situation. They have other cards under the table which they will put as per conditions.

This morning Sonko was rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital for treatment after falling ill last night at Kamiti maximum Prison.

Sources claim that the governor developed chest complications on Monday night.

Breaking his silence regarding the governor’s arrest, ODM Leader Raila Odinga termed manner in which Sonko was arrested as ‘humiliating’.

“I have reservations in the manner in which he was arrested. It was very humiliating to see him being arrested in such a fashion. The authorities could have an explanation on why they did it that way but it was not pleasing,” he said

With the governor’s fate still uncertain, Nairobi residents are foreseeing a crisis in managing the city affairs and currently raising concern in the lack of clarity of the leadership of the 4.5M people city.

However the Governor may still have a chance to run county business following a Senate Ruling on Thursday that favors the governors in court arguing that they can still run the offices, though not while being physically present in the office.