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Why Nyota Ndogo Rejected This Gift Worth 16 Million Kshs. From Husband. (Pics)


nyo2Life isn’t fair at all. Is it life or is it fate? Who decides how our lives will end up? Who shall we marry? What gifts shall we receive? How worth shall they be?? Is it destiny, fate…… I mean, whatever it is,IT IS NOT FAIR.

Look, some of us are desperately looking for that 100,000/- or 0.5 million to buy a plot pale Kamulu, Ruai or rather start a business or pay hospital bills…name it, but some lucky people like Nyota Ndogo are turning down gifts worth 16 million. “Lakini Nini Husumbua Watu??”

Well, Nyota Ndogo is at Copenhagen, Denmark with her just recently married Danish husband. Since, she has really laid low, a local tabloid sought her via email to know how she was fairing.

So apart from meeting lots of artistes from all over the globe, wanting to add another kid, Nyota Ndogo made a confession that shocked many. Oh yes that 16 million car she rejected.

Well according to her, getting a new vehicle wasn’t necessary since she already got another one here in Kenya. She also reasoned out that her husband would rather buy a house in Nyali, Mombasa than buying the expensive vehicle.

“For a few days now, my husband has been so persuasive that he wants to buy a car for me. He’s been insisting that I must have my own car while in Denmark. So, we went to an auto bazaar and he liked a specific model that fetches at Sh16 million.I rejected it!”

Why would you do that?

“I refused the offer because we had agreed that after 10 years, he would relocate permanently to Kenya. So, I told him instead of buying another car we’d rather put up some rental houses in Mombasa for I already have another car in Kenya that fits all of us well. I also told him that we can buy another house in Nyali. I love my husband and I would never like him to come to Kenya to live in poverty,” Nyota Ndogo disclosed to

Would you do that? Meanwhile check out the subject rejected car gift;

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