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Why Obado cannot be charged with the murder of Sharon Otieno’s baby


Experts have stated that charging Migori Governor Okoth Obado with the murder of two people might be hard since the child was not yet born.

Renowned Kenyan Gynaecologist Dr. John Nyamu says Obado can only be child with killing of an unborn child under Section 228 of the constitution which might still be hard to prove.

According to Nyamu, the prosecution will have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the unborn child did not die from circumstances that resulted to the death of the mother.

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Nyamu further explains that Obado could only be charged with murder of Sharon Otieno’s baby if the baby had been born and had proceeded to live outside the mother’s womb.

Yesterday a group of activists demanded that Obado be charged with the murder of two people.

Obado was yesterday charged with aiding and abetting the commission of the felony termed murder.