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Why Prezzo Is Demanding 2 Million Shillings Compensation From Jaguar (Pics)


PREZZOThe beef between CMB Prezzo and one Jaguar has been there since social media’s time immemorial. The two self made stars do not see each other eye to eye despite claims that they were once best buddies.

Although not much has been heard about their feud,seems something has been allegedly happening “Chini Ya Maji” to tarnish Prezzo’s name.

Apparently the Rapper is accusing Jaguar indirectly of paying a local writer of a mega media house into writing negative stories about him. It is a story published on the local newspaper  that i am talking about. The story claims that Prezzo has been using drugs for the longest time going away unnoticed.

According to Prezzo,Jaguar-whom he calls “Nacada’s u know who” – allegedly paid the article’s writer in order to tint his name.

A video post on his Instagram account demands 2Million compensation if he undergoes a Drug test and comes out clean.

It is clear that Prezzo was hitting on Jaguar only smart enough to avoid mentioning names. Bare in mind Jaguar had offered to pay Prezzo’s rehabilitation fee after the Betty Kyalo stunt Prezzo pulled. And who else could Prezzo call “Nacada’s U Know Who?”.

As for the subject media house responsible for  publishing the story, the “Nairobi Diaries” reality star threatens taking matters to court to defend himself against ‘media  Brutality” and save a lots of other celebs going through the same.

“So my lawyer Hon Evans Ondiek gives me a call concerning an article that was on Standard news paper talking about Prezzo uses drugs & all that BS. I won’t lie that article f @cked up my day. The journalist who wrote that article was clearly paid by one of Nacada’s “u know who” in order to tarnish my name. I am ready to test for drugs in my system and if the results come out clean I demand ksh 2 million other than that keep my name out ur mouth & as for standard media group, ull be hearing from my lawyer very soon. I’ll teach y’all a lesson on behalf of myself & other celebrities who are suffering from media brutality but can’t stand up for themselves,” read the post.

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