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Why Raila’s Daughter Rosemary Odinga Was Forced To Apologise To Tanzanians


Rosemary-OdingaSocial media combined with  bullying results to what we call cyber bullying , something Raila’s daughter Rosemary Odinga is going through after mistakenly claimed that the Olduvai George is in Kenya during her IYLA speech in New York last year.

The royal daughter of the opposition leader has been on the receiving end since the incident especially from Tanzanians-who felt like we are stealing their identity forcing Rose to apologise…..

Through her Instagram account,Rose explained her she used the name Olduvai George mistakenly when she really meant Olorgesaiile  site in Kajiado.

“I have just been reminded of an incident which occurred while attending IYLA in New York last year where I had a Freudian slip. Apparently our brothers and sisters from TZ are alarmed that I have grabbed their Olduvai Gorge. I meant to say our equally historic Olorgesaiile site in Kajiado. As I have learnt, what happens in New York doesn’t stay in New York. So, what would Magufuli do? Sorry Tanzanians, your Olduvai Gorge is safe. In the spirit of one East Africa let’s shake hands after all at the end of the day we are the cradle of humankind.”

However,despite the public apology,Rose isn’t safer either since the apology has garnered a 1000+ mostly insults, a good number arguing that the apology wasn’t from the heart.