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  • Ringtone maintains that Pastor Mackenzie has no case to answer since his teachings drew people to God
  • According to Ringtone, all the people who met their deaths after fasting have ascended to heaven
  • He throws shade at the exhumation process

Controversial gospel star and self-proclaimed chairman of gospel artist’s, Alex Apoko popularly known as Ringtone has thrown his weight behind under sieged Pastor Paul Mackenzie of the Good News International Church.

The Wanadamu singer stated that Pastor Mackenzie had played a noble part by drawing people closer to God through his teachings on fasting and end times.

“Mimi naeza sema Mackenzie kwangu kama Ringtone sioni akiwa na makosa kwa sababu aliambia watu wafast na wakafast” He said partly

According to Ringtone, all the people who died while fasting have ascended to heaven since they relinquished their earthly possessions and followed God’s will.

“Mimi niko sure wale watu ambao Makenzie aliwaambia wafast wote wameenda mbinguni kwa sababu ile ni imani kubwa sana watu kuweza kufast kuwacha dunia nzima na vitu zao zote na wakamfuata Mungu” He explained

However, Ringtone affirmed that Pastor Makenzie would not see heaven’s door. He did not divulge more information on it.

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Throws Shade At Exhumation Process

Ringtone went further and admonished law enforcers for the exhumation process, adding that it was in vain since mankind came from dust and so they had to return through burying, he acknowledged that it’s only the spirit that ascends to the maker.

“Unajua watu ambao wamefariki hawako ndani ya hiyo miili,apo wanafukua vitu ambavyo ni vya udongo,waache vitu vioze ” he added further

While winding up his online engagement, Ringtone sent word to all and sundry asking them to sell their possessions in readiness for eternal life.

“Jitayarisheni uza kila kitu,magari uzeni na muweze ku invest kwa ufalme wa mbinguni kwa sababu hivi vitu vyote tutaviacha” He summed up

So far more than 90 bodies have been exhumed from Shakohola forest in the 800  acre piece of land associated with Pastor Makenzie.

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