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  • Ssaru Wa Manyaru has affirmed that she can’t be in a relationship with a fellow celebrity.
  • She disclosed that ‘dirty music’ sells unlike clean content.
  • She refuted claims of dissing fellow female rapper Femi One.

Kenya has had celebrtiy couples from Nameless and Wahu to Arrow Bwoy and Nadia Mukami however, gengetone rap queen Ssaru Wa Manyaru has affirmed that she cannot be in a relationship with a fellow celebrity after undergoing character development.

“Weeeh ebu acha kwanza nipumue maanake ntakufa ehh yani mniulize historia ambayo ninayo na hao maceleb, kwa saa hii staki celeb yani kama we ni celeb tayari ishakurusha nje, sipendelei” she asserted partly.

Ssaru added that dating a celebrity was bringing some kind of competition since both of them will be fighting for the same cake in the music industry.

“Sisi wote tunang’ang’ania the same thing you know ikifika hapo ah! ah! that was my experience sitaki kuiongelelea hapa but I can only say celebrities don’t work for me” she added.

In addition, Ssaru revealed that her man will never be known to the public and she likes it that way.

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She went ahead and gave the qualities of her ideal man as a good thinker and responsible person.

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Dirty Music Sells

While giving the state of music consumption, Ssaru noted that Kenyans are hard to please and only love ‘dirty music’ which sells like hot-cake.

She gave an example of her newest releases which are yet to have a major impact like she witnessed with the song ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ featuring Fathermoh.

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Ssaru was also at pains with her countrymen for giving too much attention to foreign music than the homegrown sound.

“Kwa You Tube yangu nimeangalia nimetoa ngoma 1 month hii ngoma hijaenda shida ni gani you know na utapata maybe msanii wa nje I think support mingi inaenda huko nje kuliko huku ndani na huku kwetu ile mziki yenye inaletea watu wa nje pesa si tukiimba hiyo haileti doo lakini tukiimba hizo uchafu uchafu sasa na hizo ‘kaskie vibaya’ ndio wanataka kuskia” she expalined.

Ssaru also sought to address the rumored bad blood between her and Kaka Empire’s rapper Femi One.

Following her distrack aimed at Tanzanian’s there was a section believing that she also dissed Femi One something which she vehemently refuted.

Ssaru was speaking during her recent show courtesy of the alcoholic brand, Captain Morgan.

November 12, 2023

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