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Why Stabbed Woman Fatuma Ibrahim Might Go Back To Her Husband


fatuma ibraActivists are now fearing that Fatuma Ibrahim the lady who was stabbed in the face by the husband could go back to the violent marriage following the adept poverty she is currently living in after she was discharged from hospital.

Social Media Activist Wanjeri Nderu who started the hashtag that helped save Fatuma says Fatuma is currently living with her family away from her four children due to her inability to cater for them.

Nderu is warning that if action is not taken speedily, Fatuma may be forced to drop the charges against her husband following the poverty and her current destitute state.

“I have been in touch with her since she left Kenyatta Hospital. I know She is living in adept poverty with her children. No any form of counseling or even empowerment. Her children are living with her brother in law because she can barely provide for them. My fear is her current situation might force her to go back to her husband and drop the charges against him,” says Nderu

Nderu is now calling on other women networks in Wajir and other regions to assist Fatuma get empowerment and a source of livelihood.

“Where are the women networks in Wajir to empower her? Because Fatuma does not necessarily need financial support she needs counseling and mind empowerment,” adds Nderu.

Fatuma Ibrahim drew nationwide sympathy as images of a knife wedged in her cheek after being stabbed by her husband became public, discharged from the Kenyatta National Hospital on January 16 after recuperating for two weeks after a successful operation to remove the knife.