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Why The Bahatis and The Wajesus No Longer Hangout Together

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Gospel Singer Bahati’s wife Diana Marua has refuted claims that they have beef with the WaJesus family despite not being spotted in public together for quite some time now.

Speaking during an interview, Diana described their friendship with the Wajesus family as seasonal and that at some point, they both took different paths.

 “We don’t have differences everyone has their path in life, wao wako na path yao , sisi pia tuko na path yetu. They respect us we respect them, there’s no beef hakuna place tulikwaruzana in whatever way .It’s just that in life we have seasons, seasons where you will be my friend and a season where you will not be my friend and we respect that…that is how life is, said Marua.

Meanwhile Millie WaJesus has also echoed the same saying that they are not beefing with the Bahatis.

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Followers of the Bahatis and Wajesus had started wild speculations after they noticed that the two families no longer invite each other to their events.

Millie has however dispelled any notion that they were beefing saying that despite not being spotted together, there is no enmity between the Bahatis and the WaJesus family. 

Do you believe friendship is seasonal?