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Why the Eric Donaldson show was cancelled


After a successful  Reggae Festival in March by The Head Cornerstone entertainment, which saw an epic performance from Kenyatta Hill and Freddie Mcgregor, so much was expected from the recently canceled Eric Donaldson Show.

Fans were disappointed as many had paid advance tickets and had geared up for the show despite the harsh rainy condition.

The show which is dubbed “Traffic Jam” was postponed saturday evening even after a series of public appearances of promotion by Eric Donaldson himself.

This is the second time Eric donaldson is failing to perform due to showdy preparation by the promoters.

The first time, Eric was Scheduled to perform alongside other Jamaican Artists but the show was cancelled last minute when the venue security was compromised by goons who threatened to set the sound on fire if they dared to perform.

The promoter, “Chini Ya Mti”  gave a  short apology to fans stating that there had been double bookings of the venue and bad weather.

This sparked a series of reactions from stakeholders in the Kenya Reggae industry on various social media handles others wondering why the promoter had not double checked the venue, and blamed chini ya mti for how the world at large and corporate sponsors would perceive  the reggae music industry in Kenya.

However close sources indicate that there were wrangles between the promoters,who include FishBone Entertainment.

Eric Donaldson still has a tour to do and the promoters promised fans that his itinerary has not changed.

Eric is set to perform in Various Reggae Clubs in Nairobi, then kisumu and of course the KICC show is scheduled to happen on 20th April.

This shows a lot of unpreparedness, disorganization and lack of seriousness from the event from “Chini ya Mti “promotions