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Why This Cute Little Baby Has Been Nicknamed Majimaji

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Juakali #Embakasi village Child nicknamed “MAJIMAJI”

On the 1st of March at exactly 11:30pm, I received a call from a Youth leader Odu to help drain off sewage waste that was getting into their houses.

The raw sewage was running into the houses due to poor drainage system in the entire Embakasi Village.
The most affected were children & their mothers. Children were becoming sick and the fear of cholera was creeping in.
Mama Jerome was particularly very vocal, loud & depressed since she had a newborn baby (a 2 month old son). So  the youths and I tried clearing it using buckets till about 2am.
The levels reduced but much needed to be done.
I then decided to engage the deputy governor and the Personal Assistant to governor.
Together with the youth we demonstrated to pass our message to Nairobi County, Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company and well wishers demanding action…

A few days later work commenced on the Sewer system. It is now better but permanent solution is yet to be achieved.

Katoto ka Sewage  is now 3 months old… yesterday on my door to door meetings I chose to visit the women and Mama Jerome only to find he was nicknamed #MajiMaji
Sewage system is a major problem in #Embakasi Ward & more so in Village Juakali.
The waste infiltrates the water as well. There is no clean water in Embakasi village apart from the salty borehole water.
I call upon Nairobi Water & the County to work on this to improve water & the Sanitation situation in the Village for “Majimaji Katoto ka sewage” & entire Embakasi ward residents

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