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Why you should eat Snails during this cold season

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By Steve Osaka

Most people detest the sight of snails and categorise them as pests however they are not only used for medicinal purposes but also  serve as a delicacy.

The Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology took the initiative of educating the masses on the benefits of snail farming through the Directorate of Research and Innovation via a web conferencing.

The projects coordinator Paul Kinoti and Jacqueline Rajuai of Amiyo Farms Limited laid the benefits of snail farming, they play a significant role in our ecosystem, has nutritional benefits as well as medicinal purposes and the production of cosmetics.

There are two types of snails aquatic and terrestrial, snail farming is best suited for terrestrial snails since they are easy to maintain.

The whole snail including the shell, slime and meat contain nutritional and medicinal value that is beneficial to humans.

“Snail meat containS proteins and is a rich source of omega – 3, iron, calcium and vitamins,” Revealed Mr Kinoti.

” It also contains tryptophan which plays a vital role in the body’s regulation of sleep, impulse appetite while improving moods. The snail slime contains selenium that has anti – cancer properties which boost the body’s immune system in fighting cancerous cells,” he stated.

Snail meat was also highlighted in the management of health complications such as high blood pressure and diabetes because of it’s low levels in cholesterol.

The snail slime helps in the treatment of skin conditions such as dermatitis, black spots, eczema, light acne and warts and is widely used in the production of cosmetics and treatment of burns.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research, Production and Extension applauded the organizers of the webinar saying such initiatives are a good example of collaborations between academia and industry.

Snail farming is currently taking shape in Kenya as new players seek to reap on its diverse benefits.


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