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Why youths want Kazi Mtaani to be made an official employment channel


A section of youths from Mathare 4A now want the government to include the Kazi Mtaani project in the BBI report as an official employment channel for the youth.

The youth  led by Wycliffe Ochieng who spoke to Ghetto Radio News have stated the current two week renewal mode of the Kazi Mtaani project is unstable and unreliable.

“We would rather get in bed with the BBI report knowing that at least we have a stable source of income. Because currently we have to wait for two weeks before we get back to work and we fear that when a new regime takes over, the project might get scrapped off,”said Ochieng.

According to Ochieng so many youth have benefited from the project saving them from societal vices like crime, drug abuse and early pregnancies.

Dennis Otoyo another youth says that the tax reliefs cited in the BBI for youths who have started businesses do not favour the youth in the slums.

According to Otoyo, many slum youths lack capital to start business and not empowered to know the processes one has to follow in order to land a tender.

“We are very many youths under 35 years, so as they empower us to do business, they should also empower us to know how to get tenders because most of us lack knowledge and money on how the tenders work,” said Otoyo.

They have threatened to not support the BBI project if their concerns are not heard.