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Wife’s mpango wa Kando throws her hubby off the balcony


By Annette Amondi


Residents of Umoja 2 in Nairobi are trying to come to terms with the death of a young man who was thrown off a balcony by his wife’s lover.

The deceased, Dickson Jared Samba met his sad fate on Thursday, September 6, at around midnight.

Samba spent his last with friends at a hang out in a local entertainment joint.

Samba allegedly walked in on his wife and the said man in a compromising position.

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Neighbours say Samba was pushed from the balcony of his house on the fourth floor of an apartment located at Bee Center along Manyanja Road in Umoja 2.

This was after a heated confrontation between the two.

The suspect is still at large however Samba’s wife has denied any involvement in his murder

The lady, Sue Nyawaga, took to social media to term the allegations as false.

According to the distraught lady, she couldn’t have imagined hurting the deceased because she is expecting his child.

“Even if you’re so cold blooded, how can you kill a man you’re expecting his own baby?” she posed.

“Rumors! Be sure of what u spread out of your mouths before spitting them out. What happened to Dickson Samba is only him and God that knows. If he was truly pushed to his death, the truth will always reveal itself. Let God handle this battle. This battle belongs to the Lord.” She added