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Wilbroda reveals Ex kicked her out of their house

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Actress Jackie Nyaminde popularly known as Wilbroda has finally opened up on why she parted ways with her baby daddy.

Speaking in an interview with Joyce Gituro, Wilbroda revealed that their relationship was very toxic and it affected her massively.

The actress said she got pregnant nine months into the relationship and her baby daddy was always shouting at her.

She revealed that it reached a point he even kicked her out when their son was only months old and it took the intervention of the late Papa Shirandula for her to stay.

“Joyce you know I got pregnant nine months into the relationship and felt that this is it. Things changed with time and there was a lot of shouting in that house. We could never talk and agree on things. I always tried to calm my baby daddy we talk things out but the same continued.” she said

She further added that it reached a point she had enough of his behavior and decided to leave him.

“One day I got home from work and he told me to pack my things and go without the baby. I called the late Papa Shirandula and he helped us solve our issues. My ex would come home and the first question he would ask is if I found a house. One day he came home and found me moving my things and he tried pleading with me but I had made up my mind,” she added


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