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  • Raburu to head Sakajas’ Communication team.
  • He left Citizen Tv to pursue other interests.

Media personality Willis Raburu is now heading to governor Sakaja’s communication team, weeks after quitting his lucrative  job at Citizen TV.

Speaking to content creator Phil Director on his podcast, Raburu, who described himself as a strategist and consultant, confirmed that he is now an employee of the Nairobi County Government.

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Although he did not divulge more details about his new role, it has been established that he will serve as Sakaja’s Communication Director.

Raburu left Citizen TV after 13 years of service at the media station hosting various shows. 

Raburu’s journey at Royal Media Services(RMS) started in 2010, where he transited from an intern to a News reporter, and later a host of TruthMeter weekly show. 

Fans Reactions

“Sio Mbaya kila siku ni kutafuta kama ameona ni poa kuchapa job na gavanaraee iko sawa bado sisi tuna believe anaweza akipewa hiyo chance atafanya job fiti vile alikua akifanya ten over ten na other show kudos,Raburu.’’ A fan wrote.

“It is a nice thing to transit you learn more am happy for the Wild Raburu , he is a true mentor and I love everything about Raburu,lets hope he will have a positive impact on Sakajas’ team.All The Best.’’ Another fan Wrote.

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