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Willis Raburu’s side chick speaks…Rich Mavoko is broke. Here are this week’s top entertainment stories


This week media personality Willis Raburu found himself making headlines after he allegedly split from his wife. Fans of Bongo star Rich Mavoko also found out that the singer may not be so Rich after all. Here are this week’s top entertainment stories.

  1. Willis Raburu and Wife

On Monday the internet was lit up with word that Willis Raburu and his wife Mary Ngami alias Marya Prude have parted ways.

The media personality is reportedly living in Kileleshwa with his side chick after moving out from their matrimonial home in Phenom estate Lang’ata.

According to an article in a local daily, Raburu and his wife Mary Ngami popularly known as Marya Prude have not been living under the same roof for well over a month.

The article’s source claimed that the TV presenter and his wife parted ways after she found out about his affair with another woman.

Following the revelation, fans thronged the presenter’s social media pages hoping to get his side of the story.

However they were left disappointed because Raburu seems to be living his life as normal as possible.

Just hours after the news made headlines, Raburu took to Instagram to wish his colleague Lilian Muli a happy birthday.

  1. Willis Raburu’s side chick speaks

After word broke that Willis Raburu and his wife Mary Ngami alias Marya Prude have parted ways, netizens were quick to carry out an online investigation to unearth his alleged side chick.

Twitter detectives were quick to link Rwandese lady Miva Noella to the journalist accusing her of being the cause of Raburu’s marital woes.

The lady whose photos went viral on social media has now been forced to clear the air.

Noella as she is known on social media says that she has no clue who Raburu is quelling rumors that he had an affair with her.

“Hi everybody, I didn’t feel the need to reply to this lie, but I’m getting exhaustingly many DMs asking me about this and everyone deserves to know the truth. I want to let every Kenyan reading this that I don’t know the guy Twitter is portraying me to know. Thanks,” wrote Miva Noella.

  1. Rich Mavoko

After quitting Diamond’s record label WCB in July 2019, fans of Rich Mavoko expected to hear more from him but the singer went MIA.

Mavoko only released a few projects before disappearing leaving many of his fans with questions.

Turns out, the singer went broke after paying a fine for breach of contract when he left WCB.

Mavoko’s break up with WCB was so messy that the Tanzanian government through its Art regulatory body BASATA had to mediate the situation.

Speaking after leaving the stable unannounced, Rich Mavoko said he didn’t see a future with the label. He also said he doesn’t owe anyone an apology because he did nothing wrong.

“When I got there, I never found anyone that was successful than the one that is the owner of the label. What am I apologizing for? What wrong did I do? I have no problem with anyone at WCB. My contract never ended, though there are things that went contrary to what I wanted. I stayed for a long time with songs that I never got a chance to release. There is a time my mum even called them to ask about my songs. I didn’t see a future with them anymore” he said at the time.

Sources now claim that WCB sucked the singer dry. Mavoko allegedly had to sell his land, cars, house and even his mother’s land to settle the debt owed to WCB.

Sources further revealed that he does not own the rights to the song produced at WCB and that the label took possession of his Youtube channel.

  1. Harmonize’s wife and Side chick fight

Fans of Bongo star Harmonize were recently left in stitches during one of his Instagram live sessions.

The singer who was engaging his fans on Instagram was busy speaking on the live when both his wife and alleged side chick joined the live.

Nicole Berry, Harmoize’s alleged side chick commented on the live with some emojis but it did not take long before the singer’s wife noticed her presence.

Sara joined the live and attacked Nicole asking her to get off her husband’s live.

“Byeeeee, Usiku” Sarah wrote before following it up with “Malaya (Whore)”

Nicole Berry then quickly retorted daring Sarah to insult her one more time.

“@Sarah-tz repeat calling me Malaya one more time!!!!Repeat that!!!” wrote Nicole

All the while Harmonize kept on engaging his fans as if nothing was going on in the comments.

Harmonize and Nicole Berry have been rumored to be having an affair since he featured her in his song ‘Bedroom’

  1. Seed’s wife and Willy Paul

Controversial gospel singer Weezdom recently revealed some little known details about Mr.Seed’s wife and controversial singer Willy Paul.

Speaking during a recent TV interview, Weezdom revealed that Nimo Gachuri, Mr. Seed’s wife dated Willy Paul.

According to Weezdom, the two dated back in the day but never publicized their relationship and that is why it was not known.

The singer claims that Nimo only started dating Mr. Seed after a messy break up with Willy Paul.

“Walikuwa wanaattack Bahati hakuwa anarespond, wakaham wakakuja kwangu. Juu sasa kusema dame yangu ni ex wako, hapa kila mtu ni ex wa mtu, mimi ni ex wa mtu, Nana ni ex wa mtu, Mwikali ni wa mtu. Nimo ni ex wa mtu pia. Ni ex wa Willy Paul na sijawai sikia Willy Paul akisema kwasababu yeye si clout chaser kwanza Williy Paul ni mkunaji, ni king. Kwanza mabibi watu wengi huku nje ni ma ex wake,” he claimed.