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  • Willy Paul is attacked by armed gunmen at his Saldido studio.
  • Willy Paul gets caught up in several controversies.
  • Willy Paul sends a warning to the attacker sending a hint that it’s someone he knows at a personal level.

Willy Paul’s real name is Wilson Abubakar Radido.

Willy Paul posted on his Instagram stories that he had been attacked by armed gunmen at his Saldido studio.

Without naming anyone, Willy Paul hinted the person behind the alleged move is someone familiar at a personal level.

He condemned the attack and further warned the person behind it to leave him alone.

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Willy Paul sends a warning.

“I wonder why you’d do that; boss stay out of my life. Sending people with guns to my studio won’t help. Leave me alone. I’m 10 steps ahead. Consider this a warning. I may look stupid but I’m not,” Willy Paul said.

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However, Willy Paul has not opened up of any damages done. He has not said whether he incurred any losses or injuries.

Five times Willy Paul courted controversy.

  • Three years ago, a woman from Mathare came out claiming that Willy Paul had made her pregnant and refused to take responsibility. Instead, he told her to abort. When the lady came out, he quickly denied the allegations.
  • In October 2018, the singer posted a video of himself with stacks of money claiming that he is loaded.
  • In late 2018, a video circulated of the singer assaulting a woman at his Syokimau home. He later claimed that it was all acted and was for an upcoming reality show that we are yet to see.
  • During the choma na ngoma festival, Willy Paul and Nandy set the place ablaze with their dance. They were performing their song “hallelujah” which means “praise God “yet the message had nothing to do with God.
  • The singer recently uploaded a photo of a gun on his Instagram with a caption “I love toys” which he later pulled down.
August 18, 2023

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