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Willy Paul calls out Cartels running the music Industry in Kenya


Controversial singer Willy Paul has taken to a social media rant to call ou cartels that run the music industry.

According the singer, the said cartels dictate which songs should hit out, what artistes should grace what events and even sponsor certain videos for their own benefit.

Willy Paul also added that the cartels are so loaded that if you go against them, you are an enemy.

“Too much love F****K all the cartels in this f****kn industry.

f***k all the industry cartels, look at all the love in this video!! ever wondered why some of your favorite artists are not in some events that’s you’d expect them to be in? it’s because in Kenya if don’t dance to a cartel’s tune then you are an enemy. if you act like you know your worth your an enemy, if you keep your brand high you’re an enemy, if you release hits you’re an enemy, if you they call you for a deal and you don’t give them a cut you are an enemy, and they’ll end up giving that space to someone who doesn’t deserve it.. this is so sad.. yaani it’s about who knows who!!! what’s happening to our industry??? let’s mention names.. this has to stop!! if we don’t fight now, the next generation and our kids are gonna suffer very badly!!!! IM HERE TO STAY COZ THE LOVE AND AMOUNT OF WORK IS REAL!! #VOI” he said

The singer was speaking out after receiving love from his fans during a recent event in voi.