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  • Willy Paul has fired a warning at Tanzanian singers led by Diamond, Harmonize, Rayvanny and Alikiba.
  • He maintained that he’s the best singer in the East Africa region.
  • He has thrown his weight behind Khaligraph who started the now viral debate.

Willy Paul has fired a warning at Tanzanian singers led by Diamond, Harmonize, Rayvanny and Alikiba.

According to Willy Paul, no Tanzanian singer could match his singing prowess.

And when it comes to a real fight, still Willy Paul boasted of clobbering the Tanzanians.

Though he didn’t mention them directly, he made his statement known through their aliases.

“No singer can sing better than Willy Paul, Willy Pozze, you cannot compare Willy Paul to your Simba (Diamond), your Chui (Rayvanny) your Elephant (Harmonize) your anything, your everything, your nothing…napiga Simba wenu uppercut, yule mwingine walisema wakubana nini, wakubana pua” stated Willy Paul.

New Music In The Offing

Willy Paul further disclosed that he had a new song set for release this Friday 25th August at 10:00am.

The Saldido boss seemed to have gone back from his earlier commanding mien to a courteous one.

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He finally summed up by requesting the Tanzanians to watch his new song and learn a thing or two.

“Tafadhali, Tafadhali Watanzania tomorrow 10:00am make sure mko pale You Tube nyinyi wasanii muingie hapo 10:00am muangalie tunavyofanya vitu” he pleaded.

Support To Khaligraph Jones

Willy Paul further threw his weight behind Khaligraph who had stirred the now viral debate.

“No rapper is bigger than Khaligraph Jones in East Africa” he affirmed

Just like Harmonize had earlier supported their own in the now infamous, Kenya versus Tanzania beef, Willy Paul followed suit.

Fans Reactions

Willy Paul’s inclusion into the Khaligraph formed Kenya, Tanzania war got many talking.

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We camped on the internet and sampled a few of them.

“Pozzeeeeee hii vita utaweza kweli jameni na kina Simba”

“Wajibu kwa Kiswahili, hao watu wanaongea English ya ma nigga na hawajui”

“Tumejua mbinu zenu, mnataka audience yetu wa Tz, hamtaguza levels za wanasanaa wa Tz. Melody nzuri na bora ni Tz. Nyinyi ni comedian”

Can Willy Paul beat the Tanzanians at singing or its just cheap talk?

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