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 Willy Paul Goes on an Angry rant…Here’s why

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Controversial singer Willy Paul is an angry man and has taken to social to vent out his anger.

So what made Pozee angry? The singer has responded to a recent audit report that revealed how MCSK has been stealing artiste’s money.

According to Pozee it is sad that a body meant to protect artiste is the one swindling their hard earned cash.

“Tunatumia a lot of money kwa projects zetu mnatuibia kama wasanii. Bastards, mtatujua nyinyi. Personally mtanijua, mkiniona piga kona” he said

Willy Paul said the Government has failed to protect Kenyan artistes despite their constant cries for help.

He called for an investigation into the matter adding that there is no point for royalty collection bodies when the same bodies are the ones stealing the money.

“It’s so sad that the government has failed to help the artists! Yaani tunaibiwa tu na hawa wazeee MCSKK and the rest! We don’t work for you!! Some of us came from nothing like me and here you are, feeding your balls and ovaries with our money!!! Please if you see me, piga corner!!! We demand an explanation, not only that… plus all the money you’ve stolen ama mtajua hamjui!”

His response comes hours after fellow singer Khaligraph Jones also took to Instagram to call for investigations into the matter.

“The Audit was Unnecessary, We have been Saying this from The beginning, The Kenyan Entertainment industry keeps on Suffering, DJs ,Artists, Event Organizers, Bouncers, Dancers Waiters, Club Owners, Restaurants etc” he said


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