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•The pair has been sharing steamy photos on Instagram enjoying each other’s company
•A fortnight ago Miss P confessed to faking Willy Paul’s rape allegations
•New hit song in the making

Controversial singer Willy Paul has now declared his former signed artist, Miss P as his new flame.Taking to his Instagram, the Njiwa hit maker went further and christened themselves ‘The P’, initials for Mr & Mrs Pozze.

“It’s a Love affair.Mr And Mrs Pozze Yaani We’re The P⬛♥️” Wrote Willy Paul

In subsequent post’s,The Saldido boss was the first to share a couple of their photos with sensual captions complementing their coziness.

“Love You” captioned Willy Paul in the first photo

“You Grab It Like You Own It Coz You Own It!❤️” He captioned in the second caption.

Also not left behind was Miss P whose quite inactive Instagram account came back to life with a lovey dovey photo with Willy Paul.

“Nothing can separate these two” she captioned

With a keen observation on Miss P’s new Instagram account,it states that she’s signed to Saldido International,also noted is the single person she’s following,Willy Paul.

Reached A Truce

Just a fortnight ago,Miss P had a confession that she lied to being sexually molested by Willy Paul barely two years ago.

The allegations culminated into a bitter split that saw Miss P take a back seat in the music business.At one point she hinted on working with comedian Eric Omondi but not much was yielded.

Despite Miss P accusing him wrongly,Willy Paul came forth stating that he won’t take any legal action against her.He further added that, forgiving was the best medicine while opening his arms for a chance to work together moving forward.

New Song In The Making

With the look of things,Willy Paul and Miss P are soon bombarding our ears with yet another hit.

The sexy photos being shared seem to have been generated from the upcoming song’s video.In another video it captures Willy Paul and Miss P enjoying a ride in a convertible with their song,Liar banging on the background.

Willy Paul and Miss P proved to be a ‘perfect combo’ from their previous releasse’s,A spot check shows they have all surpassed the 1 million view mark, From Liar (12million views),Fall In Love (5.9 million views) to Mashallsh (1.3 million views).

What’s your take for this new couple in town ?Drop a comment.

By Steve Osaka.

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