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Willy Paul on the spot over ‘Lamba Nyonyo’ song

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Controversial singer Willy Paul is once again the subject of discussion after he dropped a jam dubbed ‘lamba nyonyo’

The song which was debuted on music platform Youtube on Tuesday is currently trending at number six with over 42k views on the platform.

The singer’s fans have expressed their disappointment with some saying he is just trying to remain relevant.

Celebrities have also taken to different social media platforms to express their anger and disappointment at the move by the Saldido production’s boss.

Jalang’o who happens to be Pozee’s official MC now says he has resigned from the post following the release of the song.

“Waaaaaaa…..My boss I hereby tender my resignation….hii imenishinda boss…I hope you will understand…Meanwhile nalamba nyonyo,” wrote Jalang’o.

The singer has also been called out for trying to copy Ethic’s style of music.

A spot check on Youtube reveals that the singer did not post the song on his official Youtube account but instead used the Saldido records’ handle.

Read some of the comments below

theavieway “At this rate I would love to meet your dealer”

mmarcuske “That moment it hits you that Gloria Muliro actually had a chance ya kuacha jamaa ajitie kitanzi”

simpleboystivo “Personally sijapenda ngoma hii, napenda mziki wako @willy.paul.msafiLakini hapa umeangusha jinsia ya wanawake”

harnie_black “Alaaaas! Ni nani wanalamba nyonyo exactly”

joewmuchiri “I hope this song is for kids who are still breastfeeding, & the big kids not breastfeeding”












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