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Willy Paul responds to artistes using his names in their Lyrics


Gospel singer has responded to fellow artistes using his name as lyrics.

The singer who seems unbothered by the constant use of his name in lyrics, said that he is very understanding.

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“If my name helps anyone in paying rent and his other bills then that’s okay. If it helps just use my name. I know many people have been mentioning my name. To everyone doing it continue because I am a very understanding person,” said Willy Paul

Rapper King Kaka who also mentioned Willy Paul in his song ‘East Kwa Mabeast’ maintaining he has no bad blood with the gospel singer.

“Mimi sina ubaya na Willy Paul. Kama anaitazama vibaya sina ubaya naye. Ni writing tu hata ukitazama line ambayo inafuata nasema ambaye mimi si judge nangoja siku majudge watajudgiwa na God. Siko hapa kujudge I’m just a writer and I write poetry,” said King Kaka