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Willy Paul sparks controversy with another Raunchy video


Controversial singer Willy Paul is once again dominating headlines after another one of his raunchy videos made rounds online.

The singer has for the past few days been parading a certain light skinned lady claiming that she is his wife.

The lady who has been the subject of many of his online posts, also stirred in his video ‘Bye Bye’

In a recent online post, Pozee as he is fondly called shared a video of his alleged ‘wife’ grinding on him as his song magnetic plays in the background.

“Feels good when ur wife is ur number 1 fan… shake it boo… #MAGNETIC out now,” he wrote

The video left tongues wagging with Kenyans warning him against parading the lady online.

Kangetheshee: Ni community wife ama ?inakaa unachanuka uzeeeeni ukikaribia pesa ya wazee, hizo mashimo ukipewa usiingie bila kondule wacha nikuchanue usikule ARVS kama jugu ama labda umeanza treatment na hatuju


latifa.quinn: wow hapo sawaa king pozeee ???????????

madelinebeiby: Willy.paul.msafi mungu bado anakuhitaji,toka uliko kuja kwake yesu. ???

marathonergitah: Utarudi hapa kusema umeachwa,na juu ya sura yako personal, hutapata mwingine kiraisi

willisraburu: Lol the thing can fall off ohhhh be careful utabaki kuwa Paul Msafi she gon rub the Willy off literally ????? anyway kuala life with big spoon brother ?

bienaimesol: He who finds a wife finds a good thing