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Willy Paul speaks after President Kenyatta awarded artists 200Million


Controversial singer Willy Paul has now asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to ensure transparency in regard to the money set aside for artists.

During a briefing on Monday, President Uhuru Kenyatta directed the Ministry of Sports, Culture, and Heritage to set aside Ksh.200 million to cushion local artists from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

The president said the money will allow artists, actors, and musicians to continue entertaining the public through TV, radio and the internet.

“I direct the Ministry of Sports, Culture, and Heritage to avail Ksh.100M from the Sports Fund to our artistes, actors and musicians during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic so they may continue to entertain their fellow brothers and sisters through TV, radio and the internet,” he said

the Head of State has announced that effective this week, all local artistes will be earning a total of Ksh.200 million per month which translates to an annual payment of over Ksh.2 billion.

“Starting this month, all our local artistes will be earning a total of Ksh.200 million per month that will be paid to musicians through the system and other platforms that we have developed. This shall translate this year to over Ksh.2 billion going into the pockets of our young artists and young Kenyans. These payments will begin this week,” said Kenyatta

A day after the directive was given; Willy Paul has come out to poke holes in the president’s directive arguing that it still falls on the same people who have been swindling money from artists.

“I said it here, thank you, Mr President, for reading my letter and responding within such short notice.. Fortunately or unfortunately, you’ve just directed the money to the same people that’ have been paying us peanuts. What we want now is transparency, they should tell us how they intend to distribute the money…what system are these boards using to pay us?? They should know that we have our eyes on them. And this time tutakua nao Kwa hio meza tukifanya maamuzi pamoja.. My fellow artist, actors, presenters, comedians, producers, djs… learn to speak up please… mtakufa njaa juu ya uwoga ama kujipendekeza.. one more thing, let’s unite. Remember with unity we are unbreakable and even stronger…. a big thank you to all our supporters ( wananchi ) it’s because of you ndio Tuko hapa. May God protect all of us Against #coronavirus #stayhome #quarantine,” Willy Paul said

His statement comes days after he wrote an open letter to the president asking him to remember artists whose industry has been hard-hit by the pandemic.