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Willy Paul Sues Miss P For Defamation


Former gospel Star turned secular artist Wilson Opondo commonly known as Willy Paul has dropped a ‘let’s meet in court’ verdict towards his former signee Elvira Wambui popularly referred to as Miss P.

Taking to his Instagram, the Manyuria Singer shared the defamatory statement from his legal team directed to Miss P.

“Defamatory statement said, published and spread against our client :Wilson Ouma Opondo a.k.a Willy Paul” read the reference.

It went ahead and mentioned where it all started with Miss P being interviewed by Presenter Ali in an online engagement where she revealed being forcefully sexually abused by Willy Paul, claims which have now been turned against her as false and malicious.

“On or around the 31st August, 2021 you individually made false and damaging utterances against our client on your interview with one Presenter Ali. The utterances were full of false, libelous and malicious information against our client. You alleged the following against our client : He forced me to have sex with him not once or twice. I had to tell my mum because I had to get medical attention because I don’t know this person, sijui tabia zake. I had to seek help and my mum helped me alhamdulilah, otherwise at this very moment ningekuwa nimesha jifungua or I would be nine months pregnant with his child… He forced me to have sex with me na alikataa kutumia protection, not once or twice.. ” read the statement shared by Willy Paul.


It further placed Miss P at the center of making Willy Paul become a subject of wide condemnation when the interview was published on Pulse Live and YouTube with a viewership of more than 200k.

“You went ahead and publicly insulted our client and the same was published on Pulse Live and on YouTube from the 31st August 2021, was watched by approximately over Two Hundred and Twenty – Four Thousand (224,000) members of the public and trending on YouTube at Number #2 the better part of 2nd September 2021.This word used could be taken by the ordinary person to mean:

a. That Our Client sexually assaulted you” Further read the defamation statement,” the statement further read.

There have been mixed reactions from netizens with some supporting Willy Paul while others have expressed their displeasure with the on-goings. Talk of when the hunter becomes the hunted.


By Steve Osaka.