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  • Musician Willy Paul has now decided to forgive his former signee Miss P after she apologized for tarnishing his image.
  • The musician had earlier expressed his doubts about the apology mentioning that he is not sure if he should let go of the matter.
  • Miss P had accused Willy Paul of rape about two years ago.

Controversial musician Willy Paul has finally responded to his former signee at Saldido, Miss P, after she apologized for defaming him with rape allegations about two years ago.

Earlier on while responding to Miss P’s apology, the singer said that he is still not sure about forgiving her.

“Miss P, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. The truth always reveals itself no matter how long it takes. It’s been two years of inappropriate comments from people’s eyes, I don’t know if I should forgive or…”  Willy Pozze attached the caption to a video of his former artist apologizing.

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Willy Paul has now taken a turn on the issue, mentioning that he has come to a decision of forgiving Miss P adding that taking legal action against her will not do him any good.

“Being A Good Man That I’ve Always Been, The Good Man That Most People Fail To See The Good In. I Have Decided To Forgive This Beautiful Soul. I Know It Cost Me Alot But If God Can Forgive Then Who I’m I Not To? If You Truly Understand The Word Of God Then You’ll Understand That There’s Even More Peace In Forgiveness.” Says Willy Paul in his latest Instagram post.

Miss P Publicly Apologizes To Willy Paul Two Years After Falsely Accusing Him Of Rape

Recently, Miss P spoke to YouTuber Nicholas Kioko and apologised to him for all the things she said about him.

“Willy Paul, you know we had a history, many things have happened that we are not proud of. It’s been two years and it’s not good to continue carrying hatred because it’s tiring,” she said.

Willy Paul and former signee Miss P

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Miss P cited her own motivation as the main reason behind defaming Willy Paul about two years ago.

“Doing that interview, I felt pain, I felt anger, I felt many things, my feelings were everywhere, at that time I was not mentally right, I hate to say this but it is one thing. I regret doing that,” she said.

Two years ago, before her exit from Saldido, the singer had already done three collabos with her former boss among them the hit song ‘Liar’- before accusing him of raping her repeatedly.

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