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Willy Paul takes legal action against Music producer iLogos

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Controversial singer Willy Paul has taken legal action against music producer iLogos after the producer deleted his song ‘collabo’ from Youtube.

Earlier in the week, iLogos had claimed that Willy Paul failed to pay him for three songs he had produced.

The songs were worth Kes. 25K each but now the producer says the debt is long overdue and decided to triple the amount.

“Willy Paul begged me to produce 3 tracks for him at Sh25, 000 each. ‘Magnetic’, ‘Digiri’ and ‘Collabo’, but he has never paid for the tracks plus the production of his projects. He owes me Sh180, 000. I reached out three times and he said I could do whatever I want,” said iLogos.

Speaking after the incident, Willy Paul had threatened to take legal action against the producer saying he (iLogos) is living and working in Kenya illegally.

“Dear Lord, forgive me for what I’m about to do to someone. Am about to f*** up their life. You cannot come to my country and act like you own sh… First, you’ll have to explain to the government how you got your papers, work permit, residential documents and also explain to KRA why you’ve been making millions and not paying the taxes. Your career ended the day you messed with me. You pulled down my song (COLLABO) and lied to people that I owe you money simply because I told you that I was no longer interested in your tracks,” Willy Paul wrote

Willy Paul later shared an OB number revealing that he had reported the matter at Central Police station.

“Let us do it the right way!! Sitafanya vitu nakifua but this has to stop, so this guy put a STRIKE on my new song #COLLABO claiming that kuna deni ya 180k.. it costs nothing to be nice to people. The truth is this guy got upset/mad/angry.. very just because we added @teddybproducer to the track. Teddy B added some ideas, mixed and mastered the track.. jamaa akadai hataki kushare after song imekua released. Asked me to take it down and I said no. Hio ndio time he took it down. @Youtube should at-least have a way of investigating such claims before they take action…so we told the guy to keep his track and that we would make our own track fresh from scratch.. na bado hataki.. he says he owns the right to my vocals … vocals that I recorded myself!!! Ata kama ni wewe unaweza vumilia mtu aki chezea kazi yako? Let the law handle this #COLLABO is my song, my idea and so lazima itoke..” he captioned

The back and forth continued with iLogos telling off Willy Paul saying he is ready for a legal suit.

“Small boy just pay utajiletea shida bure. You’re not on my level. It will take you more than 10 years to have the knowledge and experience I have in music. You can’t just tag someone on my property na hata hujailipia. Grow up. My legal team will deal with you. Utajishangaa!” He said

In a recent post, Pozee now says iLogos failed to present himself at the Central police station after he had been summoned.


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