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Willy Paul’s Former Signee Miss P, Accuses Him Of Sexual Assault


Gospel artist turned secular star Wilson Radido commonly known as Willy Paul is not new to controversy,this time round his former signed artist  at his stable Saldido International Miss Piccaso or simply Miss P has accused the Njiwa singer for forcing himself on her without protection on several occasions.

The upcoming female star shared her tribulations during an online interview with Presenter Ali where she gave the blow to blow account.

“After siku imeisha namwambia nataka kwenda home, this is the second day sijaenda home he was again telling me nitakupeleka nini nini, so that second day when tukirudi ule msichana hayuko huh! nikajua bas kwisha niki kumbuka what happened jana unaona so he forced me to have sex with him not once not twice, ” revealed Miss P.

Sought Medical Attention

She shared her ordeal with her mother afterwards and to make sure she didn’t get infected with a sexually transmitted disease or become pregnant she sought medical treatment.

” I had to tell my mum coz i had to get medical attention you know I don’t know this person sijui tabia zake, so i had to seek help and my mum was the first person that came to my mind so she helped me alhamdulilahi otherwise at this very moment ningekuwa tayari nishajifungua ama niko nine months pregnant with his child, ” she narrated.

Willy Paul Visits Her Mother To Buy Her Silence

With what had already transpired, Willy Paul had the guts to visit Miss P’s mother in a discussion she knew nothing about which led to things moving on as if he had previously done nothing to her.

“You know in my mind i was battling with thoughts nirudi nisirudi you know nina stress am like Ohh my God what’s happening to me you know ile trauma and then he made the point to come mpaka Kwetu kuongelesha mamangu, mi sijui waliongea nini alafu from whatever they talked about things went on like nothing happened, “Miss P added further.

How She Joined Willy Paul’s Saldido Studio’s

Miss P sent a message via Instagram on Saldido’s page after learning of their need to sign a female artist and she was picked.Though she terms her five year contract as ‘bogus’ she managed to produce hits from Liar, Fall in Love and Mashallah.

What a shot lived stint, we hope to hear more of her music.

By Steve Osaka