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Willy Paul’s Nasty Accusations On The Bahatis

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Controversial Musician Willy Paul commonly referred to as Pozze has released a diss track aimed at singer Bahati and his wife Diana Marua.

In the dis track Pozze alludes to have had an intimate affair with Diana B in the past.

“ Ushaitupa tupa kijiko kwa sufuria, ivo ndo nilifeel the 1st time alinipatia. Sipendi kubonga juu ya madem nimesosi , lakini wewe umekua mjinga gademit ,” the song goes.

In the new dis track dubbed ‘Mnikome/gademit’, Pozze unleashed some below the belt lines further questioning the paternity of Diana’s child.

Mapoliticians wamecheza politics ndani, mamusicians wameperform ndani, madj wamespin ndani na mafootballers wamestrike ndani. Na maybe ata wamefunga bao. Huenda ukadhani bao ya kwanza ilikua yako kumbe ilikua ya nani…”

The beef between the two former gospel musicians is however not new but recently got rekindled after Willy Paul mocked the Bahati’s singing abilities.

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This is after Diana launched her Music career.  According to Willy Paul, the two produce bad music which he termed as “The family of manduru na ma off-keys”

The singer also threw shade at Erick Omondi accusing him of insisting Kenyans play 75% of Kenyan content while posting 75% of Kenyan nonsense on his Instagram page. He also congratulated Erick’s ex-girlfriend for leaving him saying Erick was not her type.

The singer posted part of the song on his Instagram page captioning it, “Here it is, kindly tuheshimiane, wewe pamoja na bibi yako mtar..…na nisijirudie hapo tena..if you come at me tena mtakipata nimesema 1% tu..alafu huyo comedian amekonda tuheshimiane na nisijirudie tena.”

Erick has since responded saying he is happy his plan to get Musicians all worked up is working and that the music Industry cannot operate without him. The Bahatis are yet to respond.

VIDEO OF THE DAY; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CSEdtp3Hb8