In Summary
  • Chapatimistress started her business with Kshs. 300 only. 
  • She moved out of her toxic relationship to making Chapatis for a living. 
  • She got married young in the ghetto and survived an abusive relationship. 

Mukami Watahi ‘Chapatistress’ narrated to Ghetto Radio how she moved from heartbreak to a chapati-making business with only Kshs. 300 only.

Four years ago, she bought one packet of wheat flour at Kshs.150 and cooking oil at Kshs.80. Cooking gas worth Kshs.50 plus salt and other ingredients at Kshs.20.

Just like that her Chapati business was born!

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Inspiration to the idea of Chapatis

Her inspiration to make chapatis was driven by the common snacks in the area; chapati, mandazi and local fries.

“I lived in Kayole na kama umekaa mtaani; chapati, mandazi and chipo mwitu are the most basic things kwa vibanda ama mavuli… For me, it was the best business to start with the little.” She narrated.

She made 34 Chapatis, sold all at Kshs. 15 each! She went home with Kshs. 510 making a profit of Kshs. 210. This gave her the motivation to carry on, looking forward to the day she would be fully dependent on herself.

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She naively took pictures of her first chapatis and posted them online. When she later checked on the post, the reactions were overwhelming and the name Chapatimistress was born!

Her joy today

Chapati mistress live at Ghetto Radio morning show Brekko. PHOTO Courtesy of Ghetto Radio Digital

Today, she celebrates that Chapati mistress is a household name, and she makes Kshs. 7,500 on a bad day. She uses twelve packets of wheat flour in a day and her customers come from far and wide.

Her main source of revenue comes from people with parties and those who order weekly for their home menus. Others are office lunch orders and walk-ins.

She was also happily surprised that her chapatis had hit the export market.

“One day I got a tweet (X) message from Australia from a Kenyan man who was unhappy eating her last chapati from my kitchen.” She narrated.

Her greatest joy is managing to become self-dependent.

“My greatest joy was the day I realized that I’m now fully dependent on myself. It is one fear that most people have. Kujitegemea!” She confessed.

Mukami makes classic brown and white chapatis of different flavors.

To celebrate her four years in business, she brought Ghetto Radio staff 30 chapatis!



Her marriage and relationships

At only 21 years old, Chapati’s mistress got into a relationship and became pregnant. She went on to settle with the man and had another baby. For this reason, she did not proceed to college education.

Both lived in Kayole, East lands of Nairobi. She says the relationship grew toxic and went from bad to worse by the day. The man became disrespectful and violent till she couldn’t tolerate it any longer.

One day she woke up and decided to walk out and that was the end of it!

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The moment of desperation and hopelessness inspired the need for business to take care of her children. It was when she decided to start her Chapati business not far from her house at Kayole junction for survival.

She moved on and met another man, and currently, they are together at their Donholm home. She admitted she is happier and more fulfilled.

She says the man is supportive and eats her chapatis almost daily!

September 30, 2023

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