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  • Willy Paul has stated that without him the Kenyan music industry is as good as dead.
  • He further added that the recent music releases from different artists have all flopped.
  • He’s planning on releasing new music.

Willy Paul has stated that without him the Kenyan music industry is as good as dead.

According to the Umeme singer, he took a brief from releasing new music to drive the point home.

He further added that during his brief silence, other artists have released music which have all flopped.

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In his long post, he summed up by saying that he was about to release new music.

“I’m sorry fam, I know I’ve disappointed most of you by not releasing any music. Anyway, I did all that on purpose. To show all of you how the industry is bullshit without my input. Some will differ with me but majority will take my side. Musicians have tried releasing content but waaaaapi? Since I love my fans and my haters equally, I’ve decided to do away with the punishment. Giving you new music in a few days. I’m glad now everyone knows that without Pozze, The Kenyan industry is as good as dead! Lesson learnt! To all of you that kept sending me messages asking for new music, Say no more!” He posted.

Fans Reactions

Willy Paul’s post elicited mixed reactions and we sampled a few.

“Tulisema mwanaume nikujichocha till you make it”

“Tupatie mziki umepotea kwa game wewe watu wanataka mziki na wewe umeduwaa tu”

“Unapenda kuchokoza wasanii sana”

Willy Paul’s Last Release

Willy Paul’s last release was, Kanyagaa barely a month ago.

The song, Kanyagaa delved on haters and backstabbers as depicted in the title a loose translation for ‘Stumping’.

He released only the lyric video which has amassed 93k views and still counting.

Prior to that, the Saldido boss had released ‘Popo’ a collaborative effort with Miss P.

The pair attracted criticism after Willy Paul revealed that they were dating.

Miss P had also recanted her statement on Willy Paul sexually molesting her a few years ago.

Do you agree with Willy Paul that he carries the industry on his back?

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