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  • Woman alleges to have delivered twins but was given one baby
  • Family wants DNA test done to know the truth

Drama unfolded at the Kayole II hospital this is after allegations of child theft tormented the hospital.

Nyaboke Nyainga who gave birth in that hospital claimed that she had given birth to twins but was handed only one baby boy.

“Vile nikuwa nakuja hii hosi nilijua nilikuwa nimebeba matwins…time ya CS wakanipea mtoto mmoja nikauliza mwingine ako wapi wakaniambia wanaendelea kumpanguza,” she said.

“Walisema kuwa hakuna mtoto vile relative’s walikuja…ni ile tu wameniibia mtoto mmoja…,”

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Three Scans to ascertain Gender of Babies were done

Nyaboke Nyainga alleges that she was admitted to Kayole II Sub County Hospital on the 16th of October and underwent a cesarean section on the 17th at 11 am.

In her account, she stated that she had undergone several prenatal tests at various local hospitals, all of which had confirmed that she was carrying twins a boy and a girl.

“Mkubwa wao alikuja akasema nisign karatasi nikakataa nikamuuliza naweza aje kutoka bila mtoto wangu..nikamuambia siwezi sign bila mtoto wangu…sasa wanasema mtoto alikufa wiki mbili zilizopita kwa tumbo,”

The distressed woman intimates that she went to the theater accompanied by four people a woman and there men of which two were in uniform but the lady and the other male person were not in uniform.

The woman claimed that after giving birth, she questioned the whereabouts of the other baby, her daughter.

She was told by the medical staff that they were still cleaning the other baby

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“Nilifanya scanning mara tatu kayole i, kayole ii pia wakaniambia ni msichana na kijana,”

Hospital Contradictions

This explanation raised suspicions, leading her to call her relatives to the hospital as she felt something was amiss.

What raised more questions was the hospital’s record of the birth.

According to the family’s lawyer, Alfred Gichana, the records showed inconsistencies, such as stating that the cesarean was performed at 12 pm, while Nyaboke insisted it was at 11 am.

“From the records it is written and rubbed that she delivered at 12 which brings a lot of contradictions,” he said.

“We will preserve the body at the morgue till we do a DNA test to ascertain the truth,”

“In case there is any mischief we are ready to move to court,”

These contradictions compelled the family to request a DNA test for the deceased baby to determine if the child was indeed Nyaboke’s.

The local Member of County Assembly, Collins Ogenga, has vowed to follow up on the case to ensure justice is served.

Furthermore, the county government of Nairobi has been urged to investigate allegations of child theft within the hospital.

By Juddy Kanaya



October 23, 2023

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