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Woman Appealing For Help To Find Child Taken By Ex-Husband After Assault


A woman from Mlango Kubwa in Mathare Constituency is appealing for help to find justice against her estranged husband who allegedly assaulted her and took off with her two year old child.

Clande Junik says that her ex-husband allegedly physically assaulted her after she refused his demands that they get back together.

Junik says that she has experienced physical injuries from the assault and her two year old child also taken away from her.

Trouble between the two started when their house in Mlango Kubwa slums caught fire and Junik’s husband asked her to move to her father’s house.

“So when I moved to my father’s house, he got another house and refused to come for us. Living with my father was a bit uncomfortable for me so I got myself a house,” she says.


According to Junik, when her husband realized that she had moved on, he started demanding that they get back together.

“When he realized that I was not interested in getting back with him, he came and took the child. So on this particular day when he assaulted me, I had gone to take the child back,” she says.

“I have incurred physical injuries from the assault. I have an injured arm and leg,” says Junik.

She has reported the case at the Pangani Police Station.

Her estranged husband has in the meantime taken off with the child.