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medical Appeal: Girl With Rare Medical Condition

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A woman in Manyatta in Kisumu County is appealing to well-wishers to her raise Ksh. 800,000 for her daughter’s plastic surgery.

Lillian Atieno says that her daughter Maryanne Adhiambo is set to undergo the plastic surgery at the Kenyatta National Hospital to correct her facial features affected by a medical condition.

According to Atieno, her 13 year old daughter was diagnosed with Asphyxia Neonatorum disorder, a condition that occurs when a baby does not get enough oxygen during birth process.

Atieno a mother of three says that her daughter stayed for one month without crying and after one year she started beating and scratching herself.

“Am appealing to the general public to help me raise money which is required for my daughter’s plastic surgery.  Maryanne did not cry after birth and from there after six months she started scratching and eating her own body.  She ate her upper lip and nose and also she is blind as a result of beating her eye when left alone,” says Atieno.


Atieno says that her daughter’s condition has caused her stigma in  the society.

Her husband of many years even dumped her when he realized the seriousness of the medical condition the girl was suffering from.

“My husband dumped me after realizing that maryanne’s condition worsened. His family and my family also neglected me over the same. I took the parental role with the help of a friend and took her to hospital but I was not in a position to raise the required amount,” she added.

Atieno a casual labourer told Ghetto Radio news Desk that she is not in a position to get the Ksh. 800,000 required for her daughter’s surgery.

With two other mouths to feed, Atieno is faced with a daunting task on how to take care of the sitiation.

“I am just a casual worker, I need to hustle for my family to eat, pay rent and take care of this girl here. Sometimes it forces me to stay with her because when left alone you will find her body full of blood as she eats her own body. I need to change her pampers all the time, and feed her as she is not in a position to eat alone,” she says.

She is appealing to well-wishers to help her on raising the required amount for her daughter’s plastic surgery at KNH.

You can reach Lilian Atieno on 0713863147


By Jacob Oluoch


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