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Woman arrested at Mowzey Radio’s funeral performing witchcraft

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A Ugandan woman was arrested at the late Mowzey Radio’s graveside allegedly performing witchcraft on the grave.

According to Ugandan media, Maureen Namuli was arrested after she was nabbed in the act allegedly performing acts of witchcraft on Radio’s grave at Kagga in Nakawuka.

Speculation however surround Namuli sanity after she began speaking gibberish upon her arrest.

Upon searching her, police found suspicious items in her bag believed to be her tools of trade that she brought to the scene.

The woman was taken to Butabika hospital where she was scheduled to undergo a mental examination before being presented in court.

The singer’s death hit the entertainment industry hard and many turns are still continuing to unfold. The man who allegedly beat the singer to a coma, Godfrey Wamala was nabbed hiding at a friend’s place early this week.

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