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Woman Arrested For Refusing To Take Child To School Over Cult


Police have arrested a woman in Nairobi’s Kiamaiko slums for refusing to take her children to school.

Christine Mutonye a mother of three is accused of withdrawing her 12 year old daughter from school after joining a cult like church.

Mutonye’s mother Joyce Nyaruiro says that Mutonye even went further and donated her daughter’s uniform’s to mali mali saying that Jesus has instructed her not to take her daughter to school.

Nyaruiro says that her daughter’s strange behaviour started after she attended a crusade and joined a church by the name of the Church of Makenzie.

“She attended the crusade three times then told us that she has been saved. Come January she told us that she is not going to take her child to school, she gave out her uniform to malimali, i tried to make her help us understand which part of the bible says so, but she did not respond,” says Nyaruiru.

Nyaruiro further claims that her daughter has refused to work to earn a living claiming that working is a sin.

“She walks all the way to Pipeline claiming that she is preaching the word of God, and that she cannot work,” she says.

The woman was arrested and is currently being held at the Huruma Police Station.